Writings of ancient peoples

Type: combined
Length: 56 km/ 35 miles
Duration: 6 hours
Altai is the ancestral home of many ancient peoples of Central Asia. Siberian archaeologists study of the unique cultural and historical monuments of this mountainous country became worldwide known. Ancient tribes and peoples that crossed expanses of Asia for thousands of years was named "great wanderers". Altai Mountains became an insurmountable obstacle for them. Mountain crossings and paths were fixed not only in the memory of people but were also marked by ancient monument stelas, barrows and many rock paintings that were visual landmarks
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Roerich Museum, Believer Museum
Altai people culture
Saptan Mountain
Siberian stag farm
A beautiful Katun river
Multinskoye lake
Lakes of Krasnaya Gora (Red Mountain)
Stone country women valley
Writings of ancient peoples
Helicopter excursions