Helicopter excursions
Katanda touristic complex offers  exclusive helicopter excursions and tours, remote and beautiful places of Mountain Altai.
Helicopter excursion is the best way to take an unforgettable tour to the places that are accessible only for birds, to see eternally changing mountain landscapes, to appear above the Siberian pearl – Belukha Mountain.

You have a chance to visit:
Helicopters types:
R-44 (1-3 people + a pilot);
MI-8T (up to 15 people + 3 pilots);
MI-8MTV (up to 25 people + 3 pilots);
Eurocopter AS 350 B3 (up to 5 people + a pilot).
R-44 (1-3 people + a pilot)

Our managers are ready to offer your personal helicopter tour. More information tkkatanda@mail.ru

NOTE: you should have a cap, sports shoes, a sweater, raincoat, anti-mites, mosquitoes and black flies solutions, individual medicine.

The price of helicopter tour is formed of:
- helicopter transfer,
- helicopter parking (during picnic, photo session, fishing, etc.)

Additional payment for:
- picnic;
- fishing;
- senior chef services;
- guide services;
- staying on the Katanda touristic complex

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