Route Review Belukha

The trip starts at tourist Complex «Katanda» (it’s possible to be delivered from other recreation)

1. One Day Horse Trip
Way: tourist complex "Katanda" - Ridge Soptan, height 2587 m (review Belukha) - tourist complex "Katanda."
Two places for rest stops - Zolotukhinsky Zaimka and the Upper parking lot.

Persons Number
Cost/group/ rub
Cost/person/ rub
6 450
3 225
9 750
2 440
13 050
2 175
16 350
2 045

2. Two Day Horse Trip
tourist complex "Katanda" - Tungur village (+ visiting The bed of honor of Peter Sukhov and his soldiers) – The Baida mountain (review Belukha) - village Tungur - tourist complex "Katanda".

Persons number
Cost/group/ rub
Cost/person/ rub
14 760
7 380
22 690
5 675
30 600
5 100
38 520
4 820

About trip:
The trip includes the most interesting places (rivers, meadows, pine forests, mountain ridges, slopes, etc), which made the Altai mountains famous all over the world. The highest mountain of Altai - Belukha (4506 m) - is visible from any point of the mountain ridge and Baida Soptan. If you climb up uphill above 2000 m, you’ll see the most beautiful views of the Belukha. You’ll be impressed by incredibly beautiful landscapes.

The cost includes:
- Accommodation in a 2/4-person expedition tents, including on basic sites (if the description route indicated)
- Food (lunch box)
- Group outfit
- Qualified guides and breeders.

General features of the trips:
- Trips are in the mountains, where temperatures range from +14/+28 C during the day, up to +5/+15 С at night. The temperatures in the highlands in August may decrease to 0 C!
- You should be vaccinated against tick-borne encephalitis and self-insured for horse trek
- Additional services which are not included in the tour price should be paid separately.
- Children and minors (under 18 years old) are not permitted without adults. Discounts for children and minors are not available.

Have a nice trip!