Belukha Mountain – Kucherlinskoe lake

Transfer: by helicopter
Trip time: from 1 hour and 10 minutes
Parking period: from 1 hour
Price: on demand
Description of excursion: a fly around Belukha Mountain, a flight to Kucherlinskoe lake consisting of 3 lakes: a Great Kucherlinskoe lake, Upper Kucherlinskoe lake and a Lower Kucherlinskoe lake. Subalpine and alpine meadows situated in the neighborhood of the lakes, are often visited by mountain goats. They are hunting objects. Here one can also meet snow leopards. Fans of fishing will be satisfied with a good bite of grayling and rainbow trout. You will remember a taste of fresh fish soup cooked on open fire for a long time. There is a wonderful bath-house on the lake shore where you can have rest and get a warm after a boat tour and excursion to the waterfalls in the upper part of the lake.
Duration of excursion: 2 hours.