Belukha Mountain – lakes of Krasnaya Gora (Red Mountain)

Transfer: by helicopter
Trip time: from 40 minutes
Parking period: from 1 hour
Price: on demand
Description of excursion: a fly around Belukha Mountain, a flight to Krasnaya Gora (Red Mountain), one of the most popular resting places in Ust-Koksinsky region. The lakes of Krasnaya Gora (Red Mountain) are situated by cascades in the crater of an ancient inactive volcano. Seeing this beauty from the height of a bird’s fly you will take a dive into a fairytale, sniff the scents of Alpine meadows and the wildness of setting will please you each moment. Fans of fishing will be satisfied with a good bite of grayling and taimen. You will remember a taste of fresh fish soup cooked on open fire for a long time.
Duration of excursion: from 2 hours